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           As Personal Development Expert and Motivational Speaker, Fred Freitag  is now available  to perform in Western Canada 
           and the USA.  Fred is convinced that we can achieve anything we truly desire  when we have learned to function in all three 
           levels of mind simultaneously.  He makes it easy to comprehend how we can access our Super-conscious  to align with the                                  Universal Energy Level and manifest our goals and dreams.  

           He explains, how negative statements and fear would mislead our subconscious mind, and spoil desired results
           and goals, simply by forming filters that condition our hopes and expectations to false limitations. 
           After we have cleared  the subconscious filters,  we are no longer enslaved by negative memories  and emotions                                and  the world around us will reflect our positive energy. 

           From a new point of view you'll discover new hope and endless  possibilities. - Yes, you'll see that life is beautiful
           - -  and with your new enthusiasm not even the sky is the limit ! 

                               The Topic of  Speech # 1 is:    The Keys to Success, Confidence and Happiness

                            The Sub-Topics of Fred Freitag's Presentations are:

                                           Beyond Sensory Perception
                                           The Law of Attraction 
                                           The Three Levels of the Human Mind
                                           The Evidence of Inner Guidance

                                          - - and the following subjects will be addressed and explained:

                                        * Are our concepts of reality solid or relative?
                                        * The functionality of the three levels of mind
                                        * The secret keys to the Greatest Power within
                                        * Focus and belief, the “programming tools”
                                        * The difference between caution and fear
                                        * How to function in all three levels of mind simultaneously
                                        * What is the super-conscious connection?
                                        * The power of good intention
                                        * The complexity of the subconscious mind
                                        * Why negative statements, or orders, mislead the subconscious?
                                        * How to raise the frequency and amplitude of thought energy
                                        * Can brain-waves penetrate the quantum level?
                                        * Do plants have feelings?
                                        * Can animals sense our feelings and intentions?
                                        * How my life was saved six times on my kayak expedition
                                        * I conquered my pride and escaped death in the Mackenzie Delta

                         On  his 1,700 mile  kayak expedition  to the Arctic Ocean,  Fred had encountered  nine miraculous 
                    experiences  on the Yukon, Blackstone River, Peel and Mackenzie River, that will truly amaze you. 
                    Six times it saved his life in most hopeless situations.

                 He said: 

                       “Because I followed my bliss, and always maintained hope, I was guided. If I had succumbed to fear,
                         I would have dropped out of the connection.  Scientists call this Guiding Power "Super-conscious-                                                          Mind", “Higher Self” or “True Self.”

                  For Fred Freitag's books, go to:


                         Bookstores can also order directly from Publish America by phone: 240-285-9638 

                Fred Freitag, the Poet, Singer and Composer:

                 The following items of Fred's creations will be available after each of Fred's Speaking
                 Performance  or  Coaching  Session.   Any Audio CD or DVD  will  be  available for the 
                 Special Price of $ 10.-

                 His books "FOLLOW  YOUR  BLISS  AND  REACH  YOUR  DREAM" and also                                            "POETRY  OF  ROMANCE  AND  ADVENTURE"  will  be sold  for $ 18.-  each

          Example of Fred Freitag's poems:

                           Where Wilderness Endured the Ages

                                  Where wilderness endured the ages;
                                  where trees and flowers greet the sea,
                                  I’ve listened to the waves that whispered 
                                  while gentle thoughts found poetry.
                                  I’m grateful for the rugged shorelines 
                                  where the seals and otters play.  
                                  I love the view of pretty islands 
                                  and the sailboats in the bay.

                                  It takes some patience to discover  
                                  the hidden treasures everywhere. 
                                  With Love and Gratitude we’ll find them; 
                                  I know because I’ve anchored there.
                                  All rivers I had ever paddled,
                                  have never failed to find the sea. 
                                  My father told me an old secret: 
                                  All rivers go the lower way. 

                                  Far from emotions of my ego 
                                  I discovered things I love. 
                                  In harmony I’ve found my purpose 
                                  like in a vision from above. 
                                  I’m teaching folks to watch their focus  
                                  so they’ll attract their greatest goal. 
                                  Yes, their belief shall move their burdens 
                                  and find true harmony in all.

                         Among Orcas and Sea Lions

                            This  DVD  will  amaze you  with historic facts  and  remarkable
                            family habits of the most beautiful mammals of the sea.

                            The ultimate adventure  took  on momentum  when three pods 
                            of Orcas formed a reunion all around us. In their playful games
                            they almost  touched the boat - -  and  we  felt  the mist of  their
                            breath. The highlight  was the stunning event of  an alpha male
                            orca breeching ten feet high. It was close enough that some of
                            the splashes reached the boat. 

                             After Fred had completed three month  of filming  and editing, 
                             he wrote  the  narration  script  and  composed the orca song. 
                             He complemented this DVD with his performance of the song.
                             It's title is "BE FREE".  We are convinced that you'll love it.

                      Yukon Memories and Dreamland Poetry

                             In  this  DVD  Fred  performs  by reciting fifteen of his poems,
                             based on passion,  imagination and memories of adventures.
                             Poems  like   Alaska Rose,    When  Cranes  Fly  North  Again,
                             The Iditarod Race,  Charming Dark Eyes, - - and  Husky Dogs 
                             And Pretty Girls,  are just a few "jewels"  that  let you imagine 
                             the  drama,  the joy and  romance  with all your heart.    If you 
                             love poetry  that describes Arctic Romance, in perfect rhyme 
                             and rhythm, this DVD will be one of your favorites.

                     Island Breezes (CD)

                             This  new  style  of  Caribbean  -  and  Hawaiian music  might 
                             surprise you with its refreshing rhythm. The lyrics tell stories 
                             of romance and adventure and let you imagine these tropical 
                             dreams.  The  catchy  melodies might remind you of  Calypso 
                             and  Harry Belafonte  and  inspire  you  to  plan  a  Caribbean
                             cruise.    Some  of  the  fourteen  songs  are:   "I  FOUND THE 
                             ANSWER  IN  BARBADOS,      EMERALD  GREEN  LIKE  THE 
                             EYES OF CHARLENE,    PUERTO RICO  SENORITA,   THERE 
                             IS STILL SAND IN MY SHOES,  THE  TIDAL  WAVE  OF LOVE,
                             ALOHA AKAHAI, - - and many more.
                             Composed, performed and produced by Fred Freitag

                     The Keys to True Self for Success and Happiness

                     The Sub-Topics of Fred Freitag's latest Audio CD are: 
                                     Beyond Sensory Perception
                                     The Law of Attraction
                                     The Three Levels of the Human Mind
                                     The Evidence of Inner Guidance

                    Fred will explain some things you might have never heard before, like:

                                    The Functionality of the Three Levels of Mind 
                                    How to function in all levels of mind simultaneously 
                                    The Importance of Focus and Belief for Manifestations
                                    The Complexity of the Subconscious Mind 
                                    How my life was saved six times on my Kayak Expedition
                                                                   - - - and many more

                     On Hills and Meadows by the River &
                           The Grizzly Bear that Hitched a Ride (CD)

                            These  beautiful  Animal Stories  are filled with  funny surprises.
                                   They are both, character building and entertaining. The exciting
                            events of a flooding river,  hungry wolves  and a  clumsy young 
                                   sheep,  are  only  surpassed   by   the  sheep-dog's   innovating
                                   rescue  effort  and its  love for the cute young sheep.  The other 
                                   story  is  about  a young  Grizzly Bear that  hitched  a  ride  back 
                                   after  it  had  been  trapped  and  relocated. There is never a dull 
                                   moment  in  this  6,000 word narration.   Background music and 
                                   animal sounds harmoniously enhance the imagination. 

                                   Children love to hear these stories again and again.

Three-Day Seminars in Victoria, BC, Canada. Our main speaker, Fred Freitag, is also ready and pleased to travel within Western Canada and the USA according to bookings of his presentations. There are 7 topics to choose from.

If you are looking  for  effective ways  to  give your business endeavour  a higher level of efficiency, our success coach  Fred Freitag will help you to find powerful solutions.  You will be amazed  about  his new approaches  and  knowledge of Personal  Development.  It will
make you a better leader and better parent. It even refreshes your confidence.

Fred  is  a  Success Coach  and Certified  Law of Attraction Practitioner,  registered  by the Global Sciences Foundation. He is a member of the Motivational Speaker Academy
and the Author of the books:


     and the audio CD: 

*The Keys To True Self For Success And Happiness

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