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What really means Personal Development?

Anything that can help us to become more successful and confident, to become a better parent, teacher or leader by a stronger vision of our goals and “dreams”, deserves to be classified under this description. There are many books, CDs and DVDs that are all very informative and loaded with helpful advice. Many of them warn us of negative thoughts and expressions and recommend to be honest and grateful and that there is power in good intentions. 

Most of these teachings might awaken more questions in us and we wonder how we can gain more understanding about the integration of thought energy and our physical world.

You might have learned that the subconscious mind is very powerful but do you know that it can also accumulate piles of false and limiting beliefs because of negative thinking habits? Negative expressions with the words “don't” or “need” and phrases containing the word “cannot” can certainly confuse the subconscious mind and interfere with our plans and goals. Scientific explanations and physical evidence can finally give us a greater clarity of things. 

Fred Freitag will explain all these things, including “WHY and HOW”. With a new understanding about how all three levels of mind can work together harmoniously, you will really become the person you want to be. Did you know that your conscious mind cannot believe anything unless it is logically calculated - - and that the phrase “Seeing is believing” is a wrong concept? 

Fred Freitag's speeches, audio CDs and books are filled with important information. If you would attempt to take notes during a speech, you would miss other important points; so we recommend to get a copy of his new CD right after his presentation. (Each disc is only $10.- )

If you are interested to attend one of Fred's events in beautiful Victoria, BC or in Honolulu, feel free to contact us at FredTheSpeaker@gmail.com  
The fees for any one of these presentations are:
$ 60.- for individuals (Early Birds $50.-)
$110.- per couple (or two friends)

The next Scheduled Event is on April 29, 2015 
  For details and tickets, please press the link below:


But if you would rather come to the Three Day Seminar, you might 
consider  to take a few days vacation  you will remember forever. 

Every Three-Day Seminar Booking Includes:
3 Free Dinners
4 Important Books and 1CD 
And Free Membership to the Quantum Science Connection. 
(to answer your questions and keeping you up-to-date)

We are now making a list of clients who think of participating in this 3-Day Seminar. 
Once the list is reaching 50 participants, we'll make suggestions where and when we could hold this event. After this we'll arrange the sale of tickets. There is a $500.- reward for motivating others to join. There is no selling involved. Just send us their names and the date you first contacted them, and whenever these prospects sign up, we'll send you your reward. That is a Promise.

Fred Freitag's Three Day Seminar does much more than changing your outlook on life; it also helps you to find your life's purpose. It gives you a clear understanding of the human mind and its complex functionality so that you can correct false concepts of the subconscious mind without hypnosis.
On this 3-day seminar you'll "see" the evidence of Inner Guidance and discover scientific facts about the energy level and the Universal Law of Attraction. - - Yes, you'll even find ways to change your brain-wave frequency and amplitude just by temporarily changing your mental focus. This will form inner harmony while refreshing enthusiasm and preparing you to manifest your dreams. 

But that's not all. - - This seminar includes a lesson on EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and Acupressure to keep you fit. Fred Freitag also gives you important tips about advanced nutrition and teaches you important details of public speaking - - but there is still more! You could become an advertizing agent or a speaker for our future programs. All things are possible when you have broken through the subconscious illusion of limitations.

Fred Freitag's Three-Day Seminar Schedule:

  Why this program is unique:

Day 1,   2 PM to 4 PM:
Beyond Sensory Perception, the Realm of Quantum Energy / The Universal Law of Attraction / The Functionality of our Conscious Mind, the Super-conscious - and Subconscious Mind / How to develop new confidence and enthusiasm by aligning all levels of mind harmoniously / Visualize your “Dream” with passion and joy and discover your purpose / The Secret Keys to enter the Super-Conscious Mind or True Self.

Day 1,   5 PM to 7 PM:
How your belief multiplies brain wave amplitude and improves your personality. 
How our feelings and beliefs influence our future / Why negative emotions cause destruction / Think and speak positively to be successful and to raise happy children / Clearing false concepts from your subconscious mind / How your focus and belief can reprogram the subconscious mind the natural way.

Day 2,   2 PM to 4 PM:
Why is there power in good intentions / The Super-conscious Connection / Results of scientific tests with plants / Observations of extra sensory perception in animals / The effects of music and thought waves on the formation of ice crystals / On my kayak expedition to the Arctic Ocean I had been led by Inner Guidance nine times miraculously. - - Six times it saved our lives. / The most powerful words to achieve success and happiness. 

Day 2,   5 PM to 7 PM
Acupressure points that could save your life / The “Dimmer-Switch” to life / Nutritional facts to keep you well / Nutrients that improve your brain functions, according to research / The easiest exercise to keep fit / The importance of good drinking water / How I improved my health with a proper mineral balance.

Day 3,   2 PM to 4 PM: 
How to clear out fear, negative beliefs and habits, with E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Therapy)/ Clear your body from radiation, step by step / How to prepare and write a script for your speech.

Day 3, 5 PM to 7 PM
Improve your public speaking skills / How to express your enthusiasm in a natural way / The importance of emphasis, pauses and body language / Concluding your speech with words of Gratitude / Practice in front of an audience. 

          Who would benefit from Fred Freitag's 3-Day Seminar?

Any teacher, manager, entrepreneur and every student who has a great desire to achieve higher goals and dreams, - - yes even those who are still searching for their purpose of life, would greatly benefit from this seminar because they will gain a better concept of our mind's functionality. When you are open to knowledge and willing to learn, you will greatly benefit from this seminar.

Did you know that we cannot really believe anything with our conscious mind and that our subconscious mind is programmed by our mental focus and not by our logic? -- Yes there is such a thing as Inner Guidance because of our super-conscious connection to the energy level, or quantum level. - - All manifestations of desired results depend on our brain wave frequencies and amplitudes, generated according to our intentions and beliefs. All our great and creative ideas originate in the Super-conscious mind while our conscious mind works on logical details only. The Super-conscious mind and Spiritual True Self are the same.

Fred Freitag will explain, in simple words, how we can regain the “secret keys” to the Super-conscious mind that most of us have lost since childhood. 

You will look at the Law of Attraction and the Universal Quantum Level with a new understanding that enables you to visualize your dreams of success more vividly. This will strengthen your belief and confidence to manifest your desired results and “dreams”. - - There is no hypnoses necessary. It only takes a change of our mental focus and a better concept of our mind's complex functionality. 

What are the fees to attend the THREE DAY SEMINAR?

Seminar fees for individuals are $ 3,600.-
Seminar fees for couples are $ 6,700.- ($500.- reduction)

Yes, Fred Freitag will travel to give speech presentations to groups, or businesses in 
Western Canada and the USA.   The fee is $3,000.- for any of the following topics.

    Topics of Fred Freitag's Individual Speeches to choose from:    

#1, The Keys to Success, Confidence and Happiness / Become Anything You Want To Be
  (See “About Fred Freitag's Speech on Personal Development”) 

#2, How Happy Employees Will Improve Your Business 
  (Based on topic #1 with special focus on Encouragement, Cooperation and Inspiration)

#3, How to Educate Children to become loving, kind and obedient
  (Based on topic #1 with special focus on Family, Love and Patience)

#4 Acupressure-Points that Improve Nerve Function, & Nutritional Facts to Keep You Well 
  (Fred Freitag shows you how to normalize nerve function and improve your health.) 

#5 How to Clear Old Habits and Negative Beliefs with E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Therapy) 
  and #5B: How to Clear Your Body From Radiation Residue, step by step.

#6, Poetry of Romance and Adventure (90 minutes)
  (Fred Freitag performs fifty of his best, inspirational poems with dynamic passion)

#7, Digital Photography and Corrective Image-Processing for Beginners
  (Fred Freitag will teach how to produce impressive effects while “shooting” and editing)

Each presentation covers two hours and includes half an hour for answering questions or practicing new skills. Feel free to send your email to FredTheSpeaker@gmail.com or send your message from this website. I will be pleased to meet you.

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